Our world covers a lot of territory. Most of us cannot walk to work or to school. Even getting to a supermarket or cleaners often requires using a car or bus or bike. And gas is expensive. How can we spend less as we get around?

  1. Walk or ride a bike when possible.

  2. Arrange a car pool. Whether you are the driver or depend on a parent or older sibling to get you to places such as soccer practice or music lessons, it makes sense to find others who can share transportation costs.

  3. Combine trips. Plan ahead; do several errands on the same trip. Donít drive or ask your mom to drive you to the same shopping center twice if once would do.

  4. If you drive, drive smart.

    • Donít rev the engine.
    • Accelerate slowly.
    • Avoid idling the motor for long periods.
    • Keep your highway speed steady at 55 mph.
    • Have tires properly inflated.
    • Donít ride around with heavy weight (golf clubs, bike) in the car trunk.
    • When on the highway, keep windows closed. Use ventilation system instead.


1. What is one place you can walk to instead of driving or taking public transportation?

2. Consider all the places you must go in a week. Think about club meetings, basketball practice, etc. Do you know anyone else who goes there and might be able to carpool with you? What is that place?