Pinching Entertainment Pennies

  1. Have Fun at Home with Friends and Family
    • Rent a DVD instead of going to the movies
    • Better yet, go to the library and borrow one for free
    • Cook a nice meal at home instead of going out
    • Read
    • Exercise
    • Play a musical instrument
    • Play a board game such as checkers or chess
    • Play a computer game or do a jig saw puzzle

  2. Going out
    • Restaurants – Everyone knows it is more expensive to eat in a restaurant than to cook and eat at home. But sometimes it is nice to have a treat and go out. The trick is to plan and budget for it. And watch for specials.
      1. Early bird specials
      2. Coupons
      3. Half-off second meal
    • Movies – Go to the matinee which is generally cheaper than evening shows.
    • Shows - Get a bunch of friends together and see if you can get a group rate.
    • Freebees in Town – Some cities have free access to museums. Many have nice parks to walk in or have a picnic. And sometimes there is even a free concert to enjoy.
    • Student Discounts – Many museums, sporting events and shows offer discounts to students and other groups. Check it out.

  3. What NOT to Do
    • Don’t make a habit of getting take-out coffee or a frozen drink at a fancy coffee shop
    • Don’t buy a crummy but expensive sandwich for lunch at a corner take-out. Instead, brown-bag it for a quarter of the price.

  4. And Finally …

  5. Smoking is an expensive and unhealthy habit. If you smoke, now is the time to quit.